S = Sanctuary Building           J = Jones Building          A = Abraham Station                


Candlelighters (J-211) | Age: 60+ (9:45 am)
This class enjoys excellent lessons taught by class members and invited presenters. Socials are held regularly, and class members provide support within the class and the church when members are in need. Visitors and new members are always welcome. 


Centering Prayer (J-203) | All Ages (8:30 am)
This ancient form of contemplative prayer provides periods of silence for individuals and groups to listen for the holy. Consenting to the presence and action of the Divine in one's life is a powerful, transformative practice.  


Connections (J-202) | Age: 40+ (9:45 am)
Organized in 2003, this is a small, mixed, inclusive group of couples, singles, and married persons. For members of this class, connecting is what matters, and that’s what this class is all about. Lively and fun discussions are centered on contemporary, real-life issues and our journey to find deeper connections with each other. Studies include a variety of topics, including Bible studies, book topics, Upper Room studies, and topics of interest led by several class members. The class participates in organized social gatherings quarterly.


Conspire (J-203) | All Ages (11:05 am)
Conspire provides an alternative to a world characterized by overwhelming speed, frantic lives, and failures to connect with others, ourselves, and the Holy. From the Latin con-spire, or breath together, Conspire is designed to create places of community, belonging, spiritual formation, and compassion in action. An intentional ministry of spiritual formation and the contemplative practices, Conspire offers weekly workshops that explore the inner dimensions, leading us to become more and more aware of God, self, others, our world, and how we are to be Christ to one another. Designed to be taken as stand-alone or sequential, interconnected offerings, each class includes teaching, reflecting, and practicing.


Journeys (Fellers Room/S-312) | Age: 40+ (9:45 am)
The Journeys class brings class members with diverse backgrounds together to thoughtfully discuss a wide range of topics that impact their faith and their relationships with God and each other. The class relies on a speaker led discussion format to investigate a wide variety of topics, including Bible studies, clergy speakers, book studies, and exploration of current and historical events. Recent topics include: parenting adult children; religion vs. spirituality; the Apostles Creed; and the history of the Holy Land. Most class members are married and have children ranging from middle school to adult. The class supports outreach projects, enjoys their annual Christmas party, and has social functions. 


Living Faith (J-220) | Age: 30s & 40s (9:45 am)
We are a welcoming group of couples and singles, mostly in our 30s and 40s, many of whom have children. We meet weekly on Sunday mornings for fellowship, thoughtful study, and sometimes snacks. Classes are led by class members, clergy, and guest speakers. We enjoy studying faith-based topics, engaging in open, lively discussions and supporting each other along life's journeys. Family-oriented and adult social events help us connect outside of class. 


The Living Room (A-104) | Age: 20s & 30s (9:45 am)
Our Sunday class for young adults in their 20s and 30s aims to be an environment where newcomers and regulars all feel welcome (like a living room!) as we explore faith and living together. Topics are curated by the class and led by both clergy and fellow young adults. In the past, the class has studied the life & theology of St. Paul, faith and art, and spiritual disciplines.


Ordinary Life (Fondren Hall) | All Ages (9:45 am)
This is a large class taught by Dr. Bill Kerley , a counselor and one of St. Paul’s retired ministers. He gives a lighthearted approach to serious inspiration and motivation, emphasizing living life as it is…not as it “ought to be.” Most classes are lectures by Dr. Kerley, though occasionally with guest speakers and discussion.  Ordinary Life actively participates actively and financially in the many local and global mission and outreach opportunities at St. Paul’s. Members help with the St. Paul’s after-school mentoring and tutoring programs and regularly contribute through Kiva.org, a microlending organization. Class members gather monthly for book discussions, supper club, and Happy Hour. Visit Ordinary Life at www.ordinarylife.org. Follow via Twitter @OrdinaryLifeNow or on Facebook.  


Point of View (J-204) | All Ages (9:45 am)
This discussion group tackles a wide range of serious topics, often springing from current issues in the news. Contemporary theological perspectives and social justice issues are often discussed. Class lessons are often centered on videos and recordings from faith-based televisions presentations such as the Bill Moyers Faith and Reason series.

Roundtable (S-301) | Age: 50+ (9:45 am)
Taught by John Feather, the format is mostly lecture with limited discussion as Feather connects the dots between Old and New Testaments with fascinating historical perspective and authority.  Members include individuals and couples, veteran church members, and newer members. The class supports the Emergency Aid Coalition and other mission projects. Fellowship activities are held quarterly. 


Special Studies (J-203) | Age: 60+ (9:45 am)
This group takes an insightful look at religious books and videos and holds stimulating open discussions on current issues. Everyone’s viewpoints are welcome and respected. Past studies includeThe Battle for God by Karen Armstrong and Einstein’s God by NPR radio host Krista Tippett. 


Vocatio (A-110) | Age: 18–25 (9:45 am)
What's your calling? How do you know? Led by Dr. Jim Bankston, this group is for young adults in the post-high school / undergraduate / graduate stages of life.