Blogs & Podcasts

St. Paul's UMC offers these seasonal blogs, podcasts, and devotionals. 

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The Relay

The Relay is a weekly podcast produced by projectCURATE. Established in 2014 as a ministry of St. Paul’s, projectCURATE continues to respond to God’s desire for a more humane world. Working with church, academic, and community partners, projectCURATE supports robust engagement on issues related to race, equity, and social justice.


Lent 2019

Read a daily devotional written in English and Spanish, featuring poetry and art by Jan Richardson. Also, listen to a weekly podcast series on prayer and pilgrimage throughout the season of Lent.


Lessons on Unity from a Church in Conflict

In this series written by Rev. Tommy Williams, we consider how we can learn from scriptural lessons on unity from the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian church. { Fall/Winter 2018–19 }


Summer Together

Summer greets us with rhythms of rest and recreation. Through the "Summer Together" series, St. Paul's offers a weekly blog and podcast to inspire faith and foster a sense of connection with sisters and brothers in the St. Paul’s community.

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Ordinary Life

Centering upon the principle that "the fundamental purpose in life is emotional and spiritual growth," Rev. Dr. Bill Kerley's weekly lectures for the Ordinary Life class are recorded and available on iTunes.


East End Missional Community

As a ministry of St. Paul's, the East End Missional Community commits to the rhythms of prayer, hospitality, and justice in Houston's East End. Read reflections by Rev. Paul Richards-Kuan in his blog.

Archived Resources 

Take Courage

In January 2017, Rev. Tommy Williams and Rev. Dr. Matt Russell co-blogged as they engage in intensive learning and teaching enterprises around the intersections of faith and society.


Goodness and Light

For Advent 2016, we read and discussed the daily devotional Goodness and Light. Rev. Karyn Richards-Kuan and Rev. Dr. Matthew Russell talked with each other in a series of four podcasts about how we see light breaking into our community. 




Daily devotional written by clergy and members of the St. Paul's UMC community during the season of Lent leading up to Easter.