St. Paul’s youth group is a community where young people experience God’s love, strengthen their faith, and become rooted in the values that equip them for life. We believe that youth are disciples that can transform the world through the hope in Jesus Christ.

The teenage years are when some of the most important and toughest decisions have to be made. That is why we intend to equip youth will the tools necessary for making healthy and wise decisions, at their current age and to prepare them for the various stages life to come.

Core Value Model

Scripture is the foundation for all discernment and the basis for our Core Value Model. As Christians we also must use Tradition, Experience, and Reason in our decision making. Each month we focus on a different core value for our Sunday and Wednesday lessons:

  • January – Identity
  • February – Witness
  • March – Worship
  • April – Prayer
  • May – Integrity
  • June – Service
  • July – Stewardship
  • August – Presence
  • September – Calling
  • October – Grace
  • November – Relationship
  • December – Gifts 

We believe these values can shape a foundation for our youth to build on for the rest of their lives.