As the Scripture implies, we are called to love and care for one another. Congregational Care at St. Paul's is our way of caring for brothers and sisters in our church. This is not something that is done by one person or even by the full-time clergy of our church. Rather, we are all called to care for those beyond our walls and those that are part of our family.

There are many ways that you can participate in Congregational Care and be a part of caring for each other, both as a nurturer or one who is being nurtured by others. Consider the many
ways you can serve through this ministry:

Visitation. Visit members and family members in these situations:

  • Homebound. Visit those who are no longer able to come to church or who need some occasional assistance.
  • Hospitalized. Visit those in hospitals in addition to the visits made by St. Paul’s clergy.
  • In Senior Communities. Visit those who live in independent or 
  • assisted living senior adult communities.

Calling. Work closely with the visitation teams, keeping in touch with members who have been released from the hospital as well as others who are at home or in senior communities and may benefit from a call. Team members also call new church members to welcome them to St. Paul’s.

Bereavement Support. Contact members who have lost loved ones with cards, phone calls, and with prayers. Assist in future seminar for bereavement support.

Divorce Recovery. Assist in upcoming seminar for children and their parents who are going through this difficult transition.  

Cancer Support. Provide support for cancer patients beyond that  provided by the visitation and call team members. This area is under development and other areas to serve will be identified in the future.

Intercessory Prayer. Assist in this ongoing prayer ministry by signing cards, supporting prayer vigils, and other designated times of prayer.

Meal Service Hospitality. Provide hospitality and serve meals for events at St. Paul’s.

Prayer Quilts. Make prayer quilts for church and family members and friends who can benefit from this tangible show of our love and concern.

To serve in the Congregational Care Ministry, please contact one of these persons for more information:

  • Rev. Dr. Bill Gandin, Minister for Congregational Care and Senior Adults: or 713-528-0527
  • Richard Spaw, Congregational Care Lay Team Leader: or 713-622-9845
  • Megan Davenport, Assistant for Congregational Care and the St. Paul's Methodist Foundation of Houston: or 713-528-0527