The Great Organ was purchased during the 1980 Golden Jubilee renovations made to the sanctuary building of St. Paul's. It was built and installed in 1981 by the Schantz Organ Company of Orville, Ohio. Originally it comprised 76 ranks, 4,258 pipes, and incorporated pipes from the 1909 Pilcher organ (Opus 640, of 3 manuals, 38 stops) and the 1930 Kilgen organ. (Later work on the organ increased the ranks to 84 and the pipes to 4,359.)

Over the years, some of the pipes became damaged by water and heat-induced metal fatigue. In 1996-97, several ranks of pipes were replaced. The facade was replaced with pipes made of polished zinc.

Photos and sound files of The Great Organ, as heard on American Public Media’s “Pipedreams.” To view the current specification (as a PDF), click here. Photos and complete specification of The Great Organ, from the Organ Historical Society pipe organ database.

In the winter of 2004, the Gallery Organ was installed, which was made possible by a generous bequest from William Lortz. Mr. Lortz made the gift to St. Paul’s in honor of his close friend Larry Walters, a long-time member of the church and choir of St. Paul’s. The Lortz-Walters Gallery Organ was built by the Schantz Organ Company and contains 12 ranks with 732 pipes and is playable from a one-manual portable console in the balcony or from the console of the Great Organ.


Chapel Organ

The organ in St. Paul’s Chapel was built by Oberlinger Orgelbau of Windesheim, Germany. It is a mechanical action Positive organ, comprising 444 pipes over 9 ranks with an electric blower at the base of the beautiful hand-carved case. The specification is as follows:

Copula 8’
Gedackt 4’
Flöte 2’
Cymbel 1’ - 2 ranks
Carillon - 3 ranks (diskant) 

Key Compass: C-d’’’
A440, non-transposing

St. Paul’s Sanctuary building also houses a single manual, three-rank pipe organ built by Flentrop Orgelbouw of Zaandam, Holland. The specification is as follows:

Holpijp 8’
Prestant 4’
Gemshoorn 2’ 

Key Compass: C-f’’’