Sunday School

The Sunday School hour begins at 9:45 in the Jones Building with separate classes for each age or grade level from age 3 years through 5th grade. To help us provide the best experience for your child, please complete a Children’s Ministry Information Form.

ages 3 – 1st Grade

We begin at 9:45 with Joyful Noise, a music and worship assembly. At 10:10, children are escorted to age-level classrooms for a Bible story, activities and snack. The curriculum, Seasons of the Spirit, is based on the lectionary scriptures read in worship, allowing families to share a common experience each week. Children flourish in their spiritual growth with a balance between listening, singing and moving, creating, and sharing fellowship with their peers.

When you arrive for Sunday School or childcare, please sign in on the clipboard near the door, make a nametag for your child and label any possessions. Be sure to share any allergies, special needs or concerns with the teachers or staff. At pick-up time, please sign out on the same clipboard. For more information, contact Ellen Edwards.

8:30  | Children may join the children’s activities in the Jones Building while parents attend the early service. When they feel ready, children are encouraged to attend worship with their family and exit during the second hymn for Children’s Church. Children meet in the center aisle to be escorted across the Plaza by staff members; parents are welcome to accompany children.    

9:45  | The Sunday School hour begins in the Jones Building with “Joyful Noise,” a worship assembly for ages 3 through 1st grade. The gathering includes singing, scripture and prayers. At 10:10, children are led to their individual classrooms for the Bible story, art, and activities.

11:05  | Children may remain with the childcare staff while parents attend the 11:05 service, or you may pick up your child after Sunday School and take them to church. As described for the 8:30 service (above), children are escorted to Children’s Church during the second hymn. 

2nd – 5th Grades

GROW is a specially designed Sunday School program for 2nd–5th graders that meets in the Jones Building Basement at 9:45 every Sunday morning. Lessons are based on the seasons of the church year and the lectionary scriptures that are read during worship, including both the Old and New Testaments. A typical four-to-six-week unit of lessons includes an introduction, then a variety of rotation workshops, followed by a wrap-up lesson or celebration. For more information, contact Mike Mosby.

  • Visual arts

  • Drama and storytelling

  • Cooking and science

  • Bible discovery, history and culture

  • Music and movement

children with special needs

All children have a special place in St. Paul’s family. Children with special needs are welcome to participate in Joyful Noise, Sunday School classes (9:45 hour), and a fellowship/enrichment time during the 11:05 hour.

The Special Needs Sunday School program is open to children with developmental challenges or other special needs. In our special needs classroom, we use the curriculum Seasons of the Spirit (adapted by our Special Needs Coordinator to meet our children’s needs), and Godly Play in which we focus on our relationship with God and each other. Dedicated staff and volunteers provide specialized care for your child. 

Please email Special Needs Coordinator, Helen Spaw, to set up a visit, and begin a Sunday morning spiritual experience for your child.