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KTRE Channel 9, June 20, 2018: "Houston Kids JUMMP into action with Lufkin service project" 

Houston Chronicle, November 11, 2017: Healing Circles Help those in Need with Community, Support

Texas Annual Conference Cross Connection, October 12, 2017: "Fun Fall Ministry Ideas" features St. Paul's Blessing of the Animals

Texas Annual Conference Cross Connection, September 28, 2017: St. Paul's member Mary Linda Portner is New Director of Development

Houston Press, August 9, 2017: "What Would Jesus do? Oppose the Bathroom Bill, Texas Group Says." Related videos featuring Rev. Dr. Jim Bankston, St. Paul's retired senior minister: "Mainstream, Not Extreme: Lives of Dignity" and "Mainstream, Not Extreme: Spreading God's Love"

Houston Chronicle, August 6, 2017: "Pastor Matt's Doubts"

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Houston Chronicle, January 30, 2017: "Writers Resist Return in Houston" (and St. Paul's)

Houston Chronicle, January 27, 2017: "Former Neo-Nazi's Story Offers Profound Lesson in Trump Era," an Anti-Defamation League event at St. Paul's

Houston Chronicle, January 24, 2017: "Author Zadie Smith on Parenting, Politics, and the '80s," a book event at St. Paul's.

Houston Chronicle, January 13, 2017: "Writers Resist: At Nationwide Readings Nationwide, Writers Speak Out,"  including an event at St. Paul's

Houston Chronicle Belief, July 17, 2016: "The Actions of Everyday People Change the World Profoundly" by Rev Tommy Williams

KTRK-TV/Channel 13. June 24, 2016: Church Sends Message of Inclusion during Houston Pride Parade

KHOU-TV Features. May 5, 2016: Slam Poetry Makes Its Mark at HISD.

Houston Chronicle, April 17, 2016: Elders Using Music to Tap into Memory

Houston Chronicle, December 6, 2015: "If Done Right, the Second Half of Life Is about Wisdom and Understanding"

Houston Chronicle Outlook, November 22, 2015: "Moral Courage Needed in Refugee Crisis"

Houston Chronicle Gray Matters, November 20, 2015: "About those Refugees: An Open Letter from Houston Christian Leaders"

Texas Annual Conference CrossConnections, November 12, 2015: ProjectCURATE Director Co-Lectures with Arch Bishop Rowan Williams of Cambridge

Texas Annual Conference CrossConnections, October 8, 2015: Mentoring Marcus

Houston Chronicle, September 28, 2015: "Museum District Church to Host All-Bach Harpsichord Concert

Houston Chronicle, June 17, 2015: Sculptor Who Designed St. Paul's Sunshine Fountain Dies

Texas Annual Conference CrossConnections, April 23, 2015: ProjectCURATE Fosters Relationships Amidst Cultural Explosion

Houston Chronicle, September 2, 2014: Church Youth Leader Braves...Storms

Bayou City Magazine, August/September 2014 story about Labyrinths in Houston Page 1 Page 2

Houston Chronicle, August 31, 2014: From the Pulpit: Your Life Shapes the Lives of Others

Houston Chronicle, August 21, 2014: St. Paul's Church Council Chair to Head Houston Public Works Department

Houston Chronicle, March 30, 2013: St. Paul's member named Harris County Human Trafficking Prosecutor

Houston Chronicle, July 9, 2013: "St. Paul's Labyrinth Honors Just-Retired Minister"