Grants through the Foundation

The purpose of the grants process of the St. Paul's Foundation is to support and further the ministries, programs, and outreach of St. Paul's United Methodist Church. The Foundation seeks grant applications from organizations and ministries which support the needs of children, youth, adults, and senior adults in the Houston area, in our nation, and throughout the world.

Special attention is given to those agencies that are connected to St. Paul's United Methodist Church and its members and which support those in need and at risk.

Applications are due no later that May 15, 2019.

Grant applications are available by clicking on the link below or by emailing the Foundation at


Foundation Grant Recipients 2018

The Grant Committee of the St. Paul’s Methodist Foundation of Houston made 23 grants during 2018 totally $79,208.

The grants were made domestically for senior adult ministries, children’s ministries, youth ministries, support for the homeless, help for immigrants, help for those who live in poverty, and prison ministries, as well as support for mission work in Africa and in Bolivia.