Reminders of Christ's presence

Christ of Peace in Bolivia

Christ of Peace in Bolivia


In November of 2001, as a pastoral intern at St. Paul’s, I was a part of a Bolivian mission team that served in Cochabamba and other villages for about 10 days.

St. Paul's UMC has well over 15 years as a partner congregation with Emmanuel Luz de Vida church and other Methodist congregations. One of our pastors, Rev. Nataly Negrete, is a native Bolivian. Missionaries Wilson and Nora Boots called Bolivia home for many years, and they now live full time in Houston.

Nearly every year we have sent a team. In just a few days time, on July 6, another team will depart for Bolivia and return again on July 18.

On my particular visit there, one holy site that struck me was the Cristo de la Concordia (Christ of Peace). It is over 112 feet tall. To stand underneath it is to be enveloped in the outstretched arms of Jesus.

I wonder what it feels like to live in Cochabamba under its watchful presence. Standing at its feet, for me, was a humbling experience, as it should be.

What reminders are around you of Christ’s presence? Do you have icons, Bibles, or other symbols around your home, car, place of work, that remind you of God’s presence with you?

If not, what sort of symbolic reminders could you integrate into your daily life?