S.P.A.S.Y.M. is a once a week commitment that high school students make to spend an hour with the children of the After School Program. The youth help with homework, organize activities, and serve as a confidant to the Rutabaga kids. Once a month, they come together with new and better ideas to grow and strengthen this new program.  

Each youth must fill out an  application  to participate. The youth are expected to show responsibility, compassion, and a team spirit everyday. The mentorship program does not just benefit the kids of the After School Program but it also enriches the lives of the youth volunteers, as well. 

Applications for Spring Semester 2014 will be due on Monday, January 6th 2014. Please, do not hesitate to contact Joanna Hubbard with any questions.

Working with the kids at Rutabaga has been a blast! This program is full of wonderful kids, and it’s helped me learn a lot.
— Chris Newlin, Lamar High School 2014