Vendor Policies Below
It is the responsibility of the bride and the groom to ensure that all policies for weddings at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Houston, are followed. Any outside vendors to whom these policies apply must be provided a copy of them.



The printer-friendly policies for florists includes a diagram of St. Paul’s sanctuary altar to indicate possible locations for candlesticks or candelabra during weddings. These policies for florists apply whether the family chooses to use the services of a professional florist or those of a non-professional friend or relative. It is the responsibility of the family to ensure that anyone ordering or handling floral or other decorations is supplied with a copy of these policies. 

It is the responsibility of the florist to keep a current copy of these policies on file and to comply with them. This website always will have the current policies. Any florist failing to follow these policies will not be permitted to return to work at St. Paul's. The florist also will be responsible for any damages incurred.

Policies for Wedding Music and Musicians

Responsibility for all music at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church is delegated to the Organist/Choirmaster, who will assist you in planning the music for your wedding. To make a music appointment, contact the Organist/Choirmaster at 713-528-0529, ext. 30. 

The following music policies are in effect for all weddings: 

  • Because a wedding is a service of worship, the liturgical guidelines for music are subject to the same standards as music for any other worship service at St. Paul’s.
  • Texts of hymns, anthems, or solos are to be taken from Holy Scripture, the United Methodist Hymnal, or the Book of Common Prayer, or shall be texts congruent with them. Only music appropriate for a church service is to be used. Music with commercial associations, whether textual or musical — including, but not limited to, music from Broadway-style shows — is not appropriate.
  • The Organist/Choirmaster will have final say as to the appropriateness of all music to be included in a wedding at St. Paul’s.
  • St. Paul’s staff organists play at all weddings at which organ music is desired. When vocal solos are desired, they are sung by St. Paul’s staff singers only. The St. Paul’s Choir may also be engaged to sing at a wedding, provided that ample notice is given, and a minimum of six months is recommended. Nonetheless, the St. Paul's Choir may not be available for the requested date due to scheduling conflicts. In addition to the organ, other instruments — such as strings, trumpet, harp — can be included with the prior approval of the Organist/Choirmaster. Musicians do not attend wedding rehearsals.
  • Payment for St. Paul’s staff musicians is made through the church; payment for other instrumentalists is made according to arrangements made with them.

Printer-friendly copy of Policies for Wedding Music and Musicians.

Photographers and Videographers

St. Paul’s welcomes photography/videography by professionals or amateurs provided it does not distract attention from worship. These policies are designed to support that goal. 

The bride and groom are responsible for ensuring that family, friends, and professional photographers/videographers observe these policies in detail. During the wedding, ushers are responsible for informing guests of these policies. 

St. Paul's reserves the right to deny access -- present or future -- to anyone who violates any of these policies. 

Photography or Videography
Noise and movement must be kept to an absolute minimum. St. Paul’s live acoustic makes any noise distracting. 

Photography or videography sessions held inside the sanctuary or chapel before the service must end 30 minutes before the service is set to begin. Similar sessions may follow the wedding. However, all equipment, members of the wedding party, and guests must be out of and away from the sanctuary building 90 minutes after the beginning of the ceremony. (Example: For a 3 p.m. wedding, vacate the premises by 4:30 p.m.) 

Anything moved during any type of picture session must be returned to its original position. 

Before the wedding party enters the sanctuary or chapel, a photographer may take flash pictures from outside the doorway. 

Flash pictures also may be taken as they leave the sanctuary or chapel at the end of the ceremony. 

During the service, only available light may be used. Also during the service, no cameras may be used in the main seating area of the sanctuary or chapel; they only may be used from the sanctuary balcony or outside the chapel door. 

The balcony vantage point provides a beautiful view of the entire sanctuary and all participants in the worship service. 

Videography Specific
Videotaping in the sanctuary is permitted only from the balcony and only using available light. 

Videotaping in the chapel is permitted only from the back corner opposite the organ or from outside the doors, and only using available light. 

TIP: The wedding party has use of the church for two hours prior to the beginning of the wedding and for 90 minutes after it begins. To effectively use this time, it is recommended that as many photographs as possible of the wedding party be taken before the wedding begins. 

Printer-friendly copy of Policies for Photographers and Videographers.