Prayer for Black Lives

BY PHUC LUU, St. Paul's member and Director of Education, projectCURATE

When will the senseless shootings stop?
When will we put down our weapons
and see ourselves in each other?
When will we see your image in every life?
When will we embrace each as sister and brother, lovers and friends?

Lord, hear our prayer.

We are not against white people,
but we are for the victims, men and women of color.

We are not against government or police,
but we are for the protection of the innocent.

We are not against all lives,
but we are for the particular lives that have been made disposable,
to be feared, and to be used,
The lives of the ones who were slain.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Bring us peace,
Your kinship and compassion,
Your mercy and grace,
The politics of your reign,
The unity of your persons,
The holiness of your differences,
Your love for your creation,
In all its color and beauty
Stop the division.
Lord, make us one.

Lord, hear our prayer.