Summer greets us with rhythms of rest and recreation. Through the "Summer Together" series, St. Paul's offers a weekly blog and podcast to inspire faith and foster a sense of connection with sisters and brothers in the St. Paul’s community.


2018: Poetry

Poetry has the unique ability to articulate emotions we didn’t know we had and invites us to an imaginative faith. Each week, Rev. Tommy Williams sits down with a different person from the St. Paul's community, to read aloud their favorite poems and share why these verses are meaningful in their lives.

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Archives of past summers

2017: Genesis

Dr. Jack Levison and Rev. Tommy Williams discuss the summer's lectionary passages from Genesis. Taking a lighthearted tone, this informal Bible study treads the intersections of humans and the divine. How do we understand God's promises and how are we part of their fulfillment?

2016: themes

Rev. Tommy Williams invited the St. Paul's community to dialogue about ESPN's short film Of Miracles and Men, go on a virtual pilgrimage to holy Christian sites in the UK, and discuss Marilynne Robinson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Gilead.