Renovation work steadily continues

As we follow progress on the Revive project, we celebrate these accomplishments:

  • Tunneling work continues in order to connect the Sanctuary Building HVAC to the Jones Building roof. Please note the different footpath provided for pedestrians to access the Jones Building by entering through the center of the Plaza.

  • Some sidewalks have been poured and leveled, including the wide, curved sidewalk leading up to the porte-cochère. Continue to follow pedestrian footpaths indicated by the green and orange safety fencing.

  • Major progress has been made toward clearing the way to install the ADA-approved ramp from the Plaza into the Sanctuary Building.

  • In the Sanctuary Building basement, the plan is to move some of the original columns to make the space more usable. Concrete footings for new columns have been installed.

  • Windows are continually being pulled out, sent off for refurbishment, returned, and re-installed.

  • The construction crew has been re-grouting areas of the exterior stone masonry.

For any questions related to the construction process, contact Marisa Cisneros at 713-528-0527 or