Work site is busy with bulldozers, dump trucks, and boring equipment

2019-02-20 10.13.02-1.jpg

As the Revive renovation project continues, bulldozers have been working to clear away debris from the old entrance into the Sanctuary Building from Jones Plaza. You may continue to use the temporary, wheelchair-accessible ramp via from the Fannin Street sidewalk to enter the Sanctuary Building. Lighting for this ramp is being worked on. Please honor the safety fencing prohibiting entry to certain construction areas. 

Significant progress has been made in gutting the Sanctuary basement. This stage will be completed by early March. As in previous weeks, basement entry is prohibited without the W.S. Bellows Construction supervisor and full safety gear (with the exception of the Columbarium).

For the overhaul of our HVAC system, chiller units are on schedule, underground boring begins February 25, and chill water pipes through the south wall of the Wilson History Room in the Jones Building begins mid-March. Completion is anticipated by the end of spring.

We can anticipate higher dump-truck traffic in the circle drive beginning February 25. The construction crew will coordinate this activity with St. Paul’s School’s schedule to avoid drop-off and pick-up times.

For any questions related to the construction process, contact Marisa Cisneros at 713-528-0527 or