Progress, modified plans, and classroom relocation

Dear friends,

As you remember, our goal for the Revive campaign is $10 million. To date, we have received over $8.2 million pledges and grants. Once we apply anticipated historical tax credits, we expect to meet—or exceed—our goal of $10 million. What an accomplishment! This is the most expensive and extensive renovation endeavor in St. Paul's history, and we're so grateful for your support.

Here are a few updates on the project itself:

1.    Members of the Building Committee, under the leadership of Frank Jones as chair, have worked with our architect and contractor to examine and decide upon detailed bids and plans. Final drawings were submitted on September 20, 2018 to the City of Houston for permits, and we anticipate the project to begin on schedule in January 2019. A more detailed timeline for the approximately 11-month project is forthcoming.

Revised architectural plan for the Jones Plaza entrance.

Revised architectural plan for the Jones Plaza entrance.

2.     As you can see from the rendering above, the new entrance from Jones Plaza has been modified for enhanced accessibility. Additionally, we are pleased to be able to relocate the air chillers from the Sanctuary Building's Mechanical Yard/Courtyard to the rooftop of the Jones Building, which is the ideal location and eliminates the need to tackle this down the road. The only other significant adjustment is the committee’s decision to not incorporate an additional restroom in the Basement at this time. We are moving forward on all other items laid out in the scope of the project.

3.    Finally, in preparation for renovations in the Basement, we have been working to relocate classes, offices, and the children’s choir rehearsal space to other areas:

  • Children’s Music > Activity Center/Gym 

  • Living Room Sunday School > Abraham Station (A-104)

  • Vocatio Sunday School > Abraham Station (A-110)

  • AA and Al-Anon > Abraham Station 

Later this fall, Administration and Finance Offices, as well as the office of Rev. Dr. Bill Kerley will move to the 4th floor of the Sanctuary Building, and the Bride’s Room will move to the Parlor on the 2nd floor. Columbarium access will remain throughout the renovation process. 

That's it for now! We will keep updating you as we have news to share. 

Rev. Tommy Williams