Basement demolition begins, update on handicap parking

Photo by Donna Adair (Jan. 17, 2019)

Photo by Donna Adair (Jan. 17, 2019)

As we get in full construction mode on projects funded through the Revive campaign, we want to keep you updated. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Full demolition of the Sanctuary basement starts on Monday, January 21.

  • No entry to the basement will be permitted without Bellows construction supervisor and full safety gear on.

  • The Columbarium space will still be accessible via the Narthex stairwell on Sundays and by appointment on weekdays.

  • The restroom near the Bride's Room and Columbarium will be closed for the duration of construction.

  • The transept entrance into the Sanctuary by Main Reception will be closed on weekdays but open for Sunday worship services.

  • The handicap parking spaces off Fannin Street near Jones Plaza will be closed due to fencing and dumpster. As an alternative, please use our special needs parking on the Main Street side.

For any questions related to the construction process, contact Marisa Cisneros at 713-528-0527 or