Status of pledges and costs to date


Scaffolding, jack-hammering, tunneling… the comprehensive work of the Revive campaign continues to transform St. Paul’s Sanctuary Building. As we approach the mid-way point of the active renovation phase, we want to provide you an overview on the financial aspects of the project.

Pledges to the Campaign
To date, 350 St. Paul’s households have pledged to the campaign, totaling nearly $8.5 million. You have already given more than $5 million, fulfilling 60% of the pledged total. Thank you! It’s your steadfast participation that makes this ambitious and vital renovation project possible.

Our original goal for the Revive campaign was to raise $10 million, so we are about $1.5 million shy of that goal. We need to stretch our generosity further, so we encourage everyone to prayerfully consider giving to the Revive campaign. If you haven’t yet made a pledge, please make a pledge online or fill out a Revive pledge card in worship.

Expanded Scope of the Project
In consideration of long-range stewardship priorities, the Building Committee has authorized some changes to the scope of the project. The cost of moving and constructing the exterior scaffolding and the opportunity to qualify historic tax credits are driving some of these changes. For instance, in the original $10 million plan, we would only refurbish the steel casement windows in the worst condition. However, with the exterior scaffolding already in place, the Building Committee decided to refurbish all of the building’s approximately 300 casement windows. Although this is more expensive in the short term, St. Paul’s is further incentivized to do this work now because it qualifies for $2.5 million in historic tax credits.

The Building Committee also decided to replace the discolored panels protecting the Sanctuary’s stained-glass windows now rather to delay this necessary work.

These recently authorized changes will increase the total cost of the Revive project to approximately $12.8 million before tax credit reimbursement. After the tax credits are applied, the net cost should be $10.3 million, or $348,408 more than the original figure.

Costs and Financing
As of June 15, 2019, St. Paul’s has paid $4,105,837 to project vendors, including Bellows Construction and Merriman, Holt, and Powell Architects. We plan to stay on our 2019 project timeline by securing financing through the Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF). We will take an initial draw of $2 million for project-related costs. This will enable the church to cover immediate costs while waiting for all the pledged dollars to come in over the next couple of years.

St. Paul’s will begin making a monthly loan payment to TMF starting in July. If you have the flexibility and capacity to complete your pledge sooner rather than later, we encourage you to make those arrangements with St. Paul’s business office. Your early gifts will help us pay down the principal more quickly and avoid accruing unnecessary interest on the loan.

For more information, please contact Business Manager Veronica Pearce via (713) 528-0527 or

Some offices to be relocated for AC ductwork + Wednesday Communion Service to move into Parlor

  • The church offices will be partially closed on Thursday, May 23, and Friday, May 24, because the AC will be shut off in the Sanctuary Building. Some staff will be on-site, but others will be working remotely. If you need to reach the Business Office, please email Veronica Pearce via A receptionist will not be available; if you call the church office at 713-528-0527, please leave a message. Someone will respond as soon as possible.

  • The church offices will be closed in observation of Memorial Day on Monday, May 27. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday.

  • Beginning Tuesday, May 28, Children and Youth offices (2nd floor, Sanctuary Building) will be closed for AC ductwork . During this construction phase, Ellen Edwards and Helen Spaw will office from J-202 (2nd floor, Jones Building). Tiffin Wilsford and Kat Denton will office from the Music office in S-133 (1st floor, Sanctuary Building).

  • Beginning Tuesday, May 28, the temporary ramp that provided access into the Sanctuary Building will be removed. As a weekday entrance, please enter the Sanctuary Building through the courtyard entrance off Fannin Street. On Sundays, you may enter the Sanctuary for worship via an accessible ramp at the porte-cochère, or on foot at the Main Street steps.

  • The men’s restrooms on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of the Sanctuary Building will close for upgrades on Wednesday, May 29. During that period, one women’s restroom will be designated for men.

  • Please note that starting Wednesday, May 29, the Mid-Week Communion Service (every Wednesday at 12:15 pm) will relocate from the Chapel to the Parlor during this phase of renovation. Please enter the Sanctuary Building through the Fannin Street Courtyard and take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor. The Parlor is located at the end of the hallway near the kitchen.

  • Scaffolding is in the Sanctuary periodically, related to leak abatement and lighting upgrade. For your safety, please do not enter the Sanctuary during those periods.

Plaza and handicap spaces now open, Columbarium to temporarily close

  • The handicap parking spaces off Fannin Street are available for Easter Sunday. Jones Plaza is also cleared of construction fencing and open for Easter. Enter the Sanctuary Building via a temporary, wheelchair-accessible ramp from the Fannin Street sidewalk, or use the Main Street steps.

  • Beginning Monday, April 22, the Columbarium will be closed to install fire sprinklers throughout the basement and to replace windows.

  • Refurbished windows have begun to be re-installed in the Youth Center, Activity Center, and 1st floor music offices.

  • Other Sunday morning entry points include the Narthex. Progress continues on new permanent access from the Plaza.

  • Basement floors are being sealed to prevent water infiltration.

For any questions related to the construction process, contact Marisa Cisneros at 713-528-0527 or

Renovation work steadily continues

As we follow progress on the Revive project, we celebrate these accomplishments:

  • Tunneling work continues in order to connect the Sanctuary Building HVAC to the Jones Building roof. Please note the different footpath provided for pedestrians to access the Jones Building by entering through the center of the Plaza.

  • Some sidewalks have been poured and leveled, including the wide, curved sidewalk leading up to the porte-cochère. Continue to follow pedestrian footpaths indicated by the green and orange safety fencing.

  • Major progress has been made toward clearing the way to install the ADA-approved ramp from the Plaza into the Sanctuary Building.

  • In the Sanctuary Building basement, the plan is to move some of the original columns to make the space more usable. Concrete footings for new columns have been installed.

  • Windows are continually being pulled out, sent off for refurbishment, returned, and re-installed.

  • The construction crew has been re-grouting areas of the exterior stone masonry.

For any questions related to the construction process, contact Marisa Cisneros at 713-528-0527 or

Progress on HVAC ductwork in basement, window replacement, and storm water detention

Just a few updates for us this week:

  • Room framing and HVAC ductwork installation has begun in the Sanctuary Building basement.

  • Extensive masonry cleaning and waterproofing has been completed on the building’s north side. Scaffolding has been moved to other sides with window spaces boarded to enable window removal for restoration.

  • The rectangular space dug out adjacent to the Sanctuary Building on the Jones Plaza side will be dedicated to storm water detention. The underground pipes will hold a total of 1,953 cubic feet of water storage. With Bankston Green’s current 612 cubit feet of water storage, there will soon be a total storage of 2,565 cubic feet on the property.

Work site is busy with bulldozers, dump trucks, and boring equipment

As the Revive renovation project continues, bulldozers have been working to clear away debris from the old entrance into the Sanctuary Building from Jones Plaza. You may continue to use the temporary, wheelchair-accessible ramp via from the Fannin Street sidewalk to enter the Sanctuary Building. Lighting for this ramp is being worked on. Please honor the safety fencing prohibiting entry to certain construction areas.