The heaviest part, the rocks, are the ideas on my head.  All in my head needs to go away.   I want my senses open, open eyes, and more alert, more intentional in order to live.  The body is not completely wrapped- to be more honest with myself.  Letting go parts that don’t let me breath and do the things I enjoy.

Talking about identity, who am I?  Am I anything more than my roles?  I want to figure out who I am.   She is bound up pretty tight, and this is how I feel- paralyzed.  She is carrying my burdens.  So many things in my life keep me very tight. 

The worries (shells) on this person keep falling off.  It’s a reminder that all of these little pieces/worries pass.  The anxious energy is only coming from my head.

If I am strong with God then I feel fine with putting up a boundary.  I also question if I am putting up the boundary because it is a necessity or because I just can’t handle the situation.

I appreciate that as we work on it, eventually our healing will come, and our vision will be wider, and will help us not come back to or village of roles, responsibilities, and lists we create in order to live.  I believe our visions will eventually help us go back home and fine ourselves in who we are, and recognize new perspectives.

Vision is so important in spite of everything.  We may be blind to so many things around us.  We may need to get out of the village that binds us and let the spirit of God inside us find a new vision.

That is the hardest part because we want to know what is going to happen and how long it will take.  We don’t want to be blind forever.

Using Bible stories to keep you in a certain place is not the Bible being used as the word of light and life; it is oppressing you.  The Bible is to bring life and light.  We are beautiful from the beginning, with an ability to create and re-create.  If the village we are in doesn’t help us to be life, light, and salt, we need to be more critical and not accept the words that destroy.  Only keep the words that build us up.

The vision is still there, and makes me feel hopeful.