Many current feelings… a lot of fear, tiredness… fear of so many things… personal stuff, work, every time I visit my country I worry if I will be able to come back to the USA. The frustration and all of the not good feelings are there. I don’t want it to go all over the place, but the yellow is all over too, and this is the part that is sustaining. There is a line of hope. I feel alone, but I am not alone. This tiny little thing looks very big right now but I am one of tiny little things in the universe. The outside part helps me, no matter what. 

The black dots felt still like stars in the sky but now it doesn’t feel still except the cauldron in the middle. It says confusion and burning. The purple is the somber mood of lent, but it is beautiful.  What is the black spreading out? Yellow is the intentional calling upon grace or belief. 

I allowed myself to make a mess in this watercolor piece because the rest of my life I am working so hard to order and I feel like a mess. From this mess came this beautiful organic growth, and this could be a reminder not to push too hard and let things happen naturally. I like this little dot as a reminder that I am just a tiny piece in everything.