My anger is always on the outside, not connected.   When I am really angry I shut down and I don’t say anything.  My sadness easily spreads out when it comes down.  The flower and eyes open represent joy.  The yellow is shiny but it is not reaching the anger part.  Love of others is recognizing who they are as individuals, and affirming their differences.  In all feelings and emotions I am there, and I am recognizing that all of my feelings and emotions are not one color anymore.  Now I don’t hide my emotions, I let them go.  I let the emotions manifest themselves as a way to love myself, as a process.  Everything is moving.

The anger is tight and clenched.  I want to open it and let it out, and it grows when I can’t let it out.  The love for myself is just a little drop of water.  Joy is represented by my baby.  He brings me joy.  Sadness is a spikey tree with rocks coming out of it and isolated people.  The love for others is like stars, and a support for a healthy heart.  My fear is really huge, especially for my children.  I fear so much for my kids thatwont let them go anywhere.

I have discovered the joy is everywhere but I don’t always see it.  My love of others naturally is there, but my love of self is something I have to work at.  When my anger focuses inward it turns into depression and is connected to my sadness.  There is this silkworm of fear that was in a dream I had last night.  The anger sharp but the joy reaches all around.