What I value most is my heart.  The soft, central part is what keeps me alive.  How I take care of my heart is what I value- the earth, thankful for the first humans who were taking care of the earth, relationships with everyone, all people and animals, our relationship with the whole world is what I really value.  The times of my life- storms, moon, stars, dry and green lands.  I wouldn’t be able to appreciate all of it without my relationship with others.

Not having the earth around me is hard.  My new place in Houston is beautiful, but it is not the same as being on the land.  I am away from my element.  I accept that things change.  I am going to be happy because of this church.  When I wake up I’m alone.  Now I know what to do.  Its all an adventure and I’m going to find it here.

My box represents being at one with the universe…around the sides is the spiritual part, and the physical. .. the musical flow of life.  The seashell is the tangible part, the earth, trees, and physical world.  I have become more aware of the contempt for the physical world around me.  The heart is the love that I seek and that I try to give.  This string of life is tied like a clover to represent faith, hope, charity, and luck.  I am trying to put these principles to work.  These marbles are to represent how they roll and flow with life.

My box has an element of freedom.  I am starting to feel free again.  The inside has clouds representing the mystery and unknown, but also the bandages of healing wounds.  The center is the relationship with my kids.  The bright colors are because I am feeling alive again.