I was meditating on the “Stump of Jesse” passage.  All week I’ve been seeing this little green leaf image and I had to get it down.  I am searching for the next step.  I meditated on where the leaf may go in this image of a burnt out stump, and found it in the middle of my heart.  This did put my emotions on paper, and I am moved to an epiphany moment so now I am having more questions for ministers.

For now the waves of difficult emotions are not overwhelming me, and with this perspective I can see there are some small sprouts of growth from the most difficult part.

I am asking the Lord to help me fight this battle between the anger and ego versus the peace and victory.

Behind this fire and water image is fear…Fear of not being able to love with clarity.  Fear brings up something new…relationships we can never imagine will flourish.  The water is peaceful and the fire is creation, activity.  In spite of the fear, movement and creativity will come out of it.  The fear will help create something new.

I created an Easter/Christmas egg.  I sealed myself off in the darkness, then it fades out.  I created this shell around me as a child, and it is now limiting me as an adult.  It really handicaps me.  I am wanting to break out of the shell.  It now looks like a planet spiraling in the universe, and the Earth is within.  I am now safe in it, but I won’t grow unless I go through the darkness.  I don’t know what is past the fear.