What do I need to give up right now? So many things that I need, so I am leaving it up to God.  I need the balance.

I need energy for the cold blowing winds in my life.  All kinds of things on my mind and heart.  I want to affirm all of my feelings- sad, afraid, wonder…The energy comes out of all of these pieces in my life.  The energy will come out as I work on respecting the diversity inside of me.

What I need is love.  I need to feel it.  My feelings are evoked by music, certain songs- “wash away my shame with the rain” and “purple rain.”  Heaven is thought of in the 7 layers of the rainbow, and purple is closest to heaven.  I need this purple rain to wash down on me.

The blossoms are coming out of the cracks where my life is pieced back together.  Some pieces are missing, and there will always be missing pieces to this puzzle.  My focus needs to not be on the missing pieces, but on nurturing the blossoms growing from these cracks.