What makes you happy/ What is positive in your life? 60’s folk music sung by women musicians, touches me, but not necessarily happy, something ethereal about it…

New life…human life is the hardest life to take care of, always needs care…a baby moving and discovering…the seasons of our lives.  Our lives are rooted in the love of God.  The new life is protected, moving, and developing…the mystery that sustain us.

By using both hands I created what each hand wanted [in this image] …spirals are found in basic theology, relationships, everything…I was led to create this image by intuition and also feelings of hope and faith because I try to live there.  We really never can go back, we are always moving in a spiral.  I’m thinking this could be about my grandson and the journey we are having together…How to do this dance, but not enabling… This is very interesting and very healing.

Began with baby in the womb…Joy is also fear and pain…two colors hit each other, created a splash…the feeling of music, grounded this with faith- can not see it, but can feel it.  Jesus in the physical presence of other people…putting the unseen with the seen

Happiness with a big H and a small h:  Love of the Lord, grace of the Lord, blessings in life….not completely happy until forgiven and up in heaven with wife.

Focusing on the moment, enjoying time with my kids, happy about being able to start over, but not the how or the why.