Asking who am I, who is God, who are we together? Is God present in the world? This is God’s presence in all of us. All of us together is what makes God come alive to me. 

I do feel whole on the inside. All of the pieces…frustration, wonder, joy, sadness, all emotions… good and bad, make me whole and help me bloom like a flower. Wholeness is not one emotion or sensation, it is all of them. I believe that God is in me and helps me understand that it is a part of being human. 

Trying to focus on the idea that this process of experience is a gift. Sometimes it is very hard.  Coming into your own spirituality is like a spiral experience, like the seasons. It is an evolutionary process, like a butterfly, how are lives are always in this process. It doesn’t stay in one place, and it goes beyond what we can understand.

When emotions pop up like bubbles…when I focus too much on the emotion, it is hard to step back and think things through. Can’t just focus on how I feel, but also put forth effort for changes in myself and the world.

The emotions may pop away like bubbles, but the love is stronger.

All of one’s emotions and experiences in life can be chosen as useful to grow one’s authentic self. 

Being able to identify and recognize the different fragments in myself is healing. I am discovering the different pieces as elements of creating a new wholeness.