God is in control no matter who is president.

Feeling empty, not like myself. Feeling deep gratitude today and very supported in this circle.  This is what I really needed. I’m feeling bad about the feelings I shared, and this has given me peace.

Feeling love and hope in the midst of everything… running out of time, tension, these feelings fall away like the petal off of the flower. Great things will come out of everything. The hope and excitement doesn’t end, it spreads out, shines in my picture.

I painted colors of fear with the rainbow trying to perk outMakes me think of the new president, of his strategy. To see that no one is perfect, and try hard to make it better. God is the only thing we have that is perfect.

When I do have waves of anxiety, rather than acting on it, I realize it will pass like the petal will drop, and I have to ride the wave for a little bit. Then it will pass.

There is always a door that opens. God hasn’t failed me.

I started with creating an image of anxiety, but then I realized the image was actually about feeling new, fragile, and rewiring myself. There is bruising and healing in this image. The anxiety pieces are actually smaller now.