Looking into our images of our personal Strengths, Challenges, and how to address the challenges with our strengths:

Church as main strength…I feel like I am hanging on a rope…looking at ways to go through a forest and figuring out how to make life beautiful again for our family. In the midst of this, being proactive, and letting my family members carve out their own path. It’s a delicate balance…trying to keep the bigger vision and not being caught in the little things. As a family finding a spirit of place at St. Paul’s and having much strength and support to give. Creating a new, refreshing, and everlasting life here with them.

Strengths include finding light in a dark situation…I’m always trying to help others out without giving time to myself…creating time for my kids as my top priority… Faith is the light in the world, even if not able to physically be in church. I just keep swimming through life, and life is hard…always trying to work toward solutions, but also very cautious. Trust is very important.  God is at the center of everything, and God can only help when we do our part. I need to be working on the crisis we are in… I see God as Infinity…the ring I wear with the Shakesphere words “To Thine Own Self Be True.” Keeping my very spiritual beach walk close to me, and knowing that everything will fall into place. When it is hard or tough, we are making memories. On the other side of this challenging time, we will look back and have this as a memory.

Greatest fear is retirement, finding justification for studying, being in the autumn of life, having issues going on without you. The fear is of irrelevance. The answer to it could be in technology- this is a strength of mine also. The metaphor for me is the church. All revolves around the church for me. Finding a way to be supportive of my family’s concerns. Feeling confident that this will happen. Working on being able to reinvent self and where do I fit in my own skin as well in this. 

I dream in a world that colors are a part of who we are and we welcome all kinds of days-- stormy, shiny, etc. I am concerned about connecting, concerns about stopping connections, concerns about caring for our world. Remembering I need to breath. God breathed life into us…instead of being concerned and worrying about so many things, need to stop and take that deep breath. In life I am not alone. There is so much history, so many people and emotions…and I am the only one in my life to open my door to welcome emotions, diversity, and create this vision of my life. Having the openness between strengths and concerns is what makes my vision grow…listening to what seems like differences and appreciating the beauty of life.

Discovering the landscape of my journey is changing…it is not as fearful and difficult with God, and using my strengths to address the journey.