Rise Against Hunger supports safety net programs that provide nourishment as well as additional skills training or services that support the difficult journey out of poverty. 

What will we be doing on Mitzvah Day?
As we've done in the past, we will be packaging meals coordinated through Rise Against Hunger (formerly called Stop Hunger Now). The assembly process combines rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and a packet containing 23 essential vitamins and minerals into small meal packages. The meals are shipped throughout the world to support school feeding programs, orphanages, and crisis relief.

Who can participate?
Anybody can participate! People of all ages—from toddlers in arms to 80-year-olds—will work side-by-side toward a common goal. 

How many volunteers do we need?
We will divide the day into two shifts: morning and afternoon. Our goal is for 100 people to serve together on each shift, so 200 people total.

How much are we trying to raise?
 Our 2017 goal is to package 50,000 meals, which means we'll need to raise $15,000.

we surpassed our Goals!

as of March 23, 2017