Welcome and thanks for visiting St. Paul's Live Streaming Channel

Watch the live stream of all three Sunday morning worship services: 8:30, 9:45, and 11:05 am. As we respond in worship by bringing our gifts to God, likewise you're invited to participate through an online offering.


As of July 15, the St. Paul"s Live Stream appears to be working on most devices. There will be times when our church network (Comcast) will go off-line. During one of those type of outages, we simply can't upload the video to the transcoder and servers. You may also have drop outs due to band width restrictions in your home or neighborhood. Many times just refreshing your browser will bring the live video back.

Please let us know if you have any unusual issues. We hope to be converting over to a fiber optic connection in the next couple of months. Once we are on fiber many of the connection issues will disappear.

Thanks so much for visiting our live stream and attending services virtually.

The St. Paul's AV Team

Any other issues you're experiencing or suggestions to offer? Please send your comments and questions to TimLeatherwood@stpaulshouston.org.