The Harvey Relief Coalition 

If you live in northeast Houston or Third Ward and were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, we are available to assist you with each stage of recovery.

Our services include:

  • case management
  • financial assistance
  • help with replacing furniture and appliances

We are committed to using an equitable approach to administer our services in order to ensure that each of our clients receive the long-term assistance necessary to not only recover with dignity, but thrive with resilience and sustainability.

For assistance, call our hotline number at (409) 999-3823. 

About the Coalition

The Harvey Relief Coalition is generously supported by the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. It is comprised of four partnering organizations: St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, projectCurate, ImagiNoir and BLMHTX. Just after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, members of our organizations were devoted to providing immediate recovery assistance to the most vulnerable Houston communities impacted by the storm. After witnessing the gravity of the devastation in these communities, many of which were already under-resourced before the storm, our organizations joined forces in September 2017 to maximize our resources and expand our services in order to provide intentional, equitable, long-term assistance.