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Deadline to register for Holy Land Pilgrimage 2019


Today is the final deadline to sign up for this trip.

Discover the Holy Land with a group from St. Paul’s who will be taking a pilgrimage September 16-26, 2019. This transformational experience will include visits to many of the places we’ve read about in the Bible and to understand them with greater depth and appreciation. Our group will walk in the footsteps of Jesus, touring the Galilee region (Nazareth, Tiberias, Capernaum, and Mount Hermon). We will travel south to the Dead Sea and visit Masada and Qumran (site of the Dead Sea scrolls). In Jerusalem, we will visit the Mount of Olives, walk the Palm Sunday Road, visit the Upper Room, as well as the House of Caiaphas, and the Via Dolorosa. We’ll spend time at the Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Pool of Bethesda in the City of David. On our last day, we will visit Bethlehem, the Herodian, and Yad Veshem (Israel’s Holocaust Museum).

If you have questions about the trip, please contact Rev. Andrew Wolfe via or 713-528-0527.

Go to the booking site for pricing information and more detailed itinerary. Scroll down to the trip named: “Wolfe/St. Paul’s.”