• St. Paul's United Methodist Church (map)
  • 5501 Main Street
  • Houston, TX, 77004
  • United States

While it is impossible to reach out and touch stress with your hands, that does not mean it is not there — and Hurricane Harvey has added so much extra stress that it is almost palpable. Helping families minimize and/or cope with stress in their lives will be addressed at this presentation: 

  • October 22 at 5 pm in the Fellers Room (S-312) to Parents P.R.A.Y. for parents of teenagers.

Presenters will be Evan Weinberger, founder of Staying Ahead of the Game!; Matthew Estey, LCSW, director of The Menninger Clinic’s newest outpatient initiative, PA.C.T. (Psychiatric Assertive Community Treatment) ; and Angela A. Koreth, MS., LPC-S, program manager of The Menninger Clinic Outpatient Services of Bellaire.