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Cross the Finish Line Together

More than 70 athletes of all ages have trained hard all year to represent St. Paul’s at the April 23-24 Kemah Triathlon Weekend to raise money for Youth Missions and Music. Thanks to many supportive volunteers in Kemah, too.

Youth Missions support helps make youth ministry and mission trips possible to change lives for both the teens who serve and the people they serve. 

Youth Music support helps girls attend the Royal School of Church Music Gulf Coast Course and to continue the promotion, education, and love of sacred music. 

To donate to their efforts, please use this link: It will take you to a web page through which you can support either -- or both -- of the groups or individual participants.

To see pictures of previous year's enthusiastic participants, learn more about the events, and register for your own event, please go to

If you have questions about any aspect of this opportunity or Youth ministries at St. Paul's please contact Tiffin Wilsford, Director of Youth Ministries, at Address questions about the Children's Choirs and the royal School of Church Music, please contact Anna Teagarden at