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Sunday Evening Worship

Have you ever been in a crowd of people all speaking another language? The voices blend together to form an audio mass, incomprehensible to your own ears. But if in that crowd someone begins to speak English, that voice will pierce through the cacophony with startling clarity. That is both the power and comfort hearing our native language.

In a similar way, worship itself is a language, one that we experience beautifully every Sunday morning. We speak the language of Anglican worship: from the opening procession through the music and even the attire. For us, this language helps us encounter and recognize God — God’s power and God’s comfort.

As a cathedral for the city of Houston, we should not be surprised that many of our neighbors do not speak this same worship language. Yet, there is no reason St. Paul’s cannot be a church for all people, tied together by the core values that we all feel: welcome, hospitality, and love. How can we begin to expand the reach of our church?

During the six weeks of Lent and Easter Sunday, we will have an evening worship service on Sundays at 6 p.m. in the Sanctuary. We will try different music styles and worship forms with the goal of learning to speak a different language that would welcome more people to our church. Revs. Eleanor Colvin and Danny Yang will provide the pastoral presence each week in preaching and sacraments as we experiment with how God can be worshiped in new ways for our church.

Sunday evening offers an excellent chance to worship as we both close and begin our week. Come worship during this season and invite friends who seek God. Childcare will be provided. As with all things new, there will be bumps and surprises, but let us pray toward finding a language that resonates with people and invites an encounter with God.

The preaching and music schedule for these services follows:

February 21. Rev. Danny Yang with the John Foster acoustic band
February 28. Rev. Eleanor Colvin with Henry Darragh, Jazz piano
March 6. Rev. Eleanor Colvin with The Phillip Hall Singers, Gospel
March 13. Rev. Danny Yang with Henry Darragh, Jazz piano
March 20. Rev. Danny Yang with Mike Whang, Indie folk
March 27. Rev. Eleanor Colvin with The Phillip Hall Singers, Gospel

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