• St. Paul's United Methodist Church (map)
  • 5501 Main
  • Houston, TX, 77004
  • United States

To help with St. Paul's weddings or learn more about the Wedding Guild, stop by the Wedding Guild table on the Plaza the morning of Sunday, September 7.

Wedding Guild members are friendly, informed, competent faces to those being married and their families. Their role helps St. Paul’s put its best foot forward in this key worship experience.

St. Paul’s could not offer joyous,  beautiful weddings without the Wedding Guild’s well-planned and thorough assistance.    

Weddings occur throughout the year on most weekends. Exceptions are designated holidays. Working in pairs, including married couples, Wedding Guild volunteers usually are involved in three weddings a year.

Membership in the Guild is always open, and on-the-job training is required prior to service.

The Guild normally holds sign-ups three times a year, usually in January, May, and September, when Guild members choose the dates they would like to serve for the next few months.