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 Learn how the wisdom of the Enneagram and compassionate communication (nonviolent communication, NVC) can enhance connection, cooperation, support, and play in parenting. Brooke Summers-Perry will present these tools, insights, and reflections at a free presentation, “The Enneagram and Parenting,” at St. Paul’s on Sunday, September 14, from 1 to 3 p.m. in S-301.

“Every behavior and action our children take are simply strategies they employ to meet one or more of their needs,” she explains. “When we understand their unique personalities and patterns, we are empowered to equip them with tools and strategies to be more effective stewards of their own values while respecting everyone else’s. With a deep understanding of ourselves and our children, we engage in more connected, cooperative communication, building a firm foundation for self knowledge and conscious living empowering us to live more fully in all aspects of our lives.

RSVP: brooke.key2peace@gmail.com.