Water, Spirit, Body, Blood

What day did you become a Christian? If you had contact with certain denominations in the Christian faith, maybe you have been asked this question. A similar one might ring a bell as well- when were you saved? Talking to close friends and colleagues, I know some picked a random day to legitimize their faith to their questioner. Ok, but seriously, when do you officially become a Christian? 

In the early church, I'm talking like 2,000 years ago, the Roman Empire liked to joke about the latest sect of Judaism. They were cannibals or something, always eating this guys body and blood. Maybe all the baby's they have been adopting are being eaten by these people! Rumors spread about the "Last Supper," "Great Thanksgiving," "Eucharist," or "Communion." But what actually is the point of it? 

Maybe you were raised Catholic or Orthodox Christian. Why do Methodists and other protestants only have 2 sacraments? What happened to confirmation, marriage, ordination, healing, and confession (reconciliation)? And furthermore, why do we have this delineation between the times I experience God's grace out in the world and these ceremonies inside a church building?

If any of these questions sound familiar, if you have ever participated in a sacrament and wondered what was happening, if you have a kid you keeps asking probing questions about church that you are just not sure about, this class is for you. This is going to be an interactive class, with optional reading for between sessions, and sure to have plenty of ah-ha! moments. 

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