Magic Collaboration

One of my favorite things about Bible Study is that you get people around a table discussing big things. Sometimes a Bible Study can become abstract, and that's ok too, but often times we get to have a space to ask the big questions like "how do I spend my money?" "what does it mean to be a good member of my community?" and "what does it mean to be saved by God?" Frankly, whenever I get a group of people together working on a common goal, a little bit of magic can happen. You remember that feeling. You were a part of a team where everybody was bought in. You left the space really excited about what could be. You were energized. 

This week begins a new part of work in the East End. For nearly a year now, I have been getting to know the neighborhood and my neighbors. In the last few months, I have been discussing the question "what could be" with some of the neighborhood leaders. Now, using the platform of an organization called the East End Collaborative, we are going to do some grasstops organizing. That is, as civic and nonprofit leaders, we are going to dream and ask the big questions together about the neighborhood. We are going to challenge each other and question the status quo. We are going to dream of a neighborhood that works for everybody, not just the wealthy and middle class. Hopefully, that collaboration will be magic. 

We are socialized to come up with ideas in isolation and compete with them, to have the best idea and get rewarded for it. But if we want a world that works for more people, we have to get into the practice of ideati.png