Raise Your Voice, East End!

Last Tuesday I got to see several months of hard work get together. By the end of the night, the team working together had that giddy, tired look of a group of folks that worked hard and pulled off a plan.

Back in July, we began discussing how the East End could build a Community Land Trust (CLT). A CLT preserves housing affordability and ensures that longtime residents can stay in their community. We met with the City, began to have conversations together, and under the banner of the 2nd Ward Super-neighborhood Council and East End Collaborative, we worked together to have a meeting for our neighborhood about a technical land issue that had right around 100 people!


Clearly our success in bringing the neighborhood out has more to do with the dire need to preserve the East End’s historic housing affordability. This conversation has been happening in fits and starts around the East End for many years, now that we are publicly lifting this issue up, our vision is for the East End to really raise up their voices so we can speak to the need for good housing.

The important first step is vision. What does housing affordability look like for the East End? How do you balance the need for cost effective housing affordability without including large high rise buildings?

Vision only comes when we keep talking as a neighborhood. And frankly, part of me hates that answer. People are ready to talk talk talk, when are they going to be ready to act? But if we know how we need to act so that we can be in solidarity with one another, then we truly can make an impact.

So East End, are you ready to raise your voice? Are you ready to plan the steps so we can march in lock step?

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