My Friends Are Awesome

One of the coolest things about being a pastor is when you get to be a cheerleader for cool things your people do. Last week was basically cheer week for me.

On Monday, I got together with an awesome team to plan out the details of our conversation on a Community Land Trust (CLT) in the East End. This is seriously the dream team. Nobody has an ego about it, everybody is pouring themselves into the work, everybody cares deeply about their neighborhood. Come support us!


On Tuesday, my neighbor came over and we created signage for our national night out. This neighbor is awesome because he constantly is thinking about ways to care for the neighborhood. He picked up some of the illegally placed yard signs and re-purposed them for the good of the neighborhood.


Running, I darted over to see the good work my friend Priscilla had done to create a voter registration drive. The East End is a neighborhood with historically low voter turnout numbers for a lot of reasons. Distrust of the authorities, gerrymandering making the only real elections the primaries, and the difficulty of figuring out voting if you are working as much as my neighbors work. But Priscilla is changing that and getting the word out about voting! Bob, Tom, and Linda from St. Paul’s showed up to help!

Wednesday, I got to cheer as my friend Estella got confirmed to be on TIRZ #23. I only barely knew what the TIRZ’s did when I started now, and if I am being honest, I don’t know the ins and outs. But Estella is going to be a great voice for the community. She will get to advocate for ways that the communities tax dollars get spent and help make sure money set aside for affordable housing gets used in a equitable way. Yay to Estella!