Goodness and Light: Advent, Week Three

In the words of Barbara Brown Taylor (also a house favorite), “Phyllis Tickle brings so many gifts to the table that it is sometimes hard to believe there is only one heartbeat behind them all. She is a seer, a scholar, a spiritual guide, a literary and cultural savant, a walking encyclopedia, and a mentor to more people than there are seconds in the day. Above all, she is a faithful lover of God and all to whom that love relates her. Reading her is second best to knowing her, but read her you must.” If you are looking for a daily guide for your prayer, we recommend Phyllis’s trilogy of The Divine Hours for an accessible and personal liturgy guide. 

MacGregor Elementary has been a friend of St. Paul’s for more than 20 years as our neighborhood school. One of the primary ways that the St. Paul’s community interacts with the MacGregor community is through student mentoring. This involves cultivating a healthy, reliable relationship with a student for one hour a week during the school day. There is currently a substantial waiting list of students looking for a mentor. If you are interested in fulfilling this need in each of these student’s lives, the relationship that you develop will be goodness and light for both of you.

St. Paul’s is also excited expand the ways that our community can interact with the folks at MacGregor, including our After-School Program, tutoring, teacher appreciation, Read for America, Coding Club, beautification, choir assistance, and more. For more information or to sign up to be a partner, contact Amy Taylor.